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Jyotish - Vedic Astrology will empower you to take correct decisions, to step forward wisely and positively without worrying about the challenges that we face daily. It will let you know your natural strengths, talents and values gifted to you at birth. It will show you how to capitalize your latent gifts, and how to step forward powerfully and spiritually to lead a happy and contented life. It will empower you to create a more positive life path by understanding your past and current obstacles.


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Heart centered, Progress oriented, personal and spiritual growth enhancing products to enable you to make your pilgrimage on this Earth and beyond to be full of the five fruits of Life - Dhayan (meditation), Dharma (righteous living), Kama (health), Artha (material success) and Moksha (salvation). Authentic Vedic Science. Genuine providential help at your service.


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Mesha Rashi  Aries (March 21  April 20)Mesha Rashi Aries (March 21 April 20):

A period of strong sense of well being. The transit is the strongest and produces good effects. Harmonious domestic bliss is indicated, beneficial relations with all. However do not be adventurous, do not enter into challenges or make major changes. Restore peace and quite. You will be helpful to others. New and fortunate friendships are coming your way. Profitable pursuits and journeys are suggested. Good for health and domestic harmony.


Vrishabha Rashi  Taurus (April 21  May 22)Vrishabha Rashi Taurus (April 21 May 22):

Achievement of desired objects, position of command, success, pleasure, happiness and home comforts.  Gifts and presents may come.  Success in business and professional pursuits is suggested.  You are best able during this transit to display your talents.  Your career probably improves in some way.  You are influential over others.  Good for Public relations and selling property. Relations with opposite sex will not be cordial.




Mithuna Rashi  Gemini (May 22  June 23)Mithuna Rashi Gemini (May 22 June 23):

This is a fortunate period which may bring positive changes of various kinds which will be pleasant or beneficial in their effects. There may be some changes in occupation, some new pursuits may begin. A good period for coming before the public, journey and success in long term finances. Good for health, domestic and personal affairs. Emotional repression of one kind or another is a probable consequences of this transit. Pay attention to home, personal hygiene.



Karaka Rashi  Cancer (June 23  July 23)Karaka Rashi Cancer (June 23 July 23):  Dependence, laziness, jealousy, loss, expenditure, injury or accident and misunderstanding with friends and relatives. Communicate your deep inner feelings to another person whom you can trust. Relationships with women will be difficult and erratic, so avoid them. You will be feeling reclusive. A good transit for mystical or spiritual discipline, make the best of this aspect of life.







Simha Rashi  Leo (July 23  August 23)Simha Rashi Leo (July 23 August 23):

Good time to tend to personal relationships where you can express yourself in a manner more emotional than usual. The transit may result in marriage, relating with opponents, loved ones, and the opposite sex from whom you will get cooperation and security. Confrontation with women both positive and negative are likely to be more intense.  Good friends, meeting with relatives, pleasures of the bed, good food and clothes, gain of vehicle, of pleasure trips, money and happiness.



Kanya Rashi  Virgo (August 23  September 23)Kanya Rashi Virgo (August 23 September 23):

This period indicates optimistic and positive attitude towards others. Makes you subtle, easily persuaded to change the situation, attachment or profession. If free from affliction, fortunate, travels, favorite with women, if married during the period the marriage will be to his advantage. Good relations with friends, relations and family. A good period for spiritual practices. You will be successful in public.






Tula Rashi  Libra (September 23  October 23)Tula Rashi Libra (September 23 October 23):  So many things are happening this month good deeds and friends, gain, mental happiness, romance and charity, donations, comforts, marriage, distant travel for loved ones, respect from elders and preceptors, increased knowledge, fame and prosperity. Love or experience of beauty in art, pleasures and amusement. Love relations will give you good experiences. Association with a new who is better educated and experienced than yourself which will be quite helpful and gainful.


Vrishabha Rashi  Taurus (April 21  May 22)Vrishchika Rashi Taurus (October 23 November 22):

Take care of your surroundings and increase your interaction with friends, neighbors, relations with business associates, people with whom you deal daily. You should listen to others more than acting independently. It also indicates financial gain, new position and status, happiness, good health, success over opponents and domestic comforts. This is a good time to approach superiors and be recognized by them. Special honor, courage and better position in life are results of this transit.



Dhanu Rashi  Sagittarius (November 23  December 21)Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius (November 23 December 21):

The month influences your manner of expression to others for enjoyment, pleasure and happiness. Good for personal compromise. Peace with others, good food and clothes, sound sleep, articles of luxury and enjoyment of marital relations. Success in education, new position and status in the society is suggested.  You may attract others but do not manipulate them because this will not be a long term influence. A good time for travel, set your destination and take the skies!



Makara Rashi  Capricorn (December 22  January 20)Makara Rashi Capricorn (December 22 January 20):

Now a good period for planning and entering into correspondence, conversations and readings. You can make good relations with friends and tackle the outstanding problems. Request your superiors also for favors by explaining your view point, which will be accepted. Contracts and negotiations will be favorable, short travels will be gainful. This is a favorable aspect for all legal matters.




Kumbha Rashi  Aquarius (January 20  February 19)Kumbha Rashi Aquarius (January 20 February 19):

Success, friendship and association with opposite sex, gain of money, new clothes, victory, joy and happiness may be your lot in life this month! Your personal communications will have an emotional depth and will be fruitful. Control of your emotions will be helpful. You may make a bad impression upon some one by reacting automatically rather than thinking a thing through and being proactive. Female relatives and friends may play an important role in your life at this time. Celebrate Life!


Meena Rashi  Pisces (February 20  March 21)

Meena Rashi Pisces (February 20 March 21):

One may become interested in occult sciences  through which one can benefit; also through works of secret mission. Service to those in an inferior position and victory over enemies are indicated. May experience some intuition or prophetic dreams. May suffer loss, company of mean people, acidic pain in chest and heart, be quarrelsome, immodest and hostile to relations. Take all the precautions you can this month, just this month!





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