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Mangal Yantra Team of Astrologers



Lord Mangal

Lord Mangal


The Mangal Yantra

- The Ultimate Vedic Talisman to

Clear off Debts, overcome health deficiencies, ward off

vehicle accidents, achieve ambitions, improve passion

and acquire desired assets!


In Vedic astrology - Jyotish, the planet Mars is known as Mangal, Angaraka, and Kuja. These names in Sanskrit mean, "auspicious, burning coal, and the fair one". Mars is a malefic planet. He rules over the two sidereal signs of Aries and Scorpio. He is exalted in Capricorn - 28 degrees and fallen in the opposite sign of Cancer - 28 degrees. Mars is often depicted as a God with a red body exemplifying the natural color of the astronomical body in the sky.

Mangal / Mars is a karaka, or indicator, of brother and siblings, assertion, aggressiveness, soldiers and military endeavors, mechanical ability, engineers and surgeons, commanders and rulers, accidents, violence and war, ambition, strength, arguments and conflict, passion and desire.

Mars most powerful position in one's birth chart is in the 10th House from the ascendant or Chandra / Moon Lagna. He is a particularly beneficial planet for Cancer or Leo Ascendants. His nature is pitta or fiery. His gem is Red Coral and his direction is south. Mars day is Tuesday. In Vedic Astrology, Mars is the Lord of "Mesha" Aries and "Vrishchika" Scorpio. He stays 1 1/2 months in each Rasi / Zodiac Sign taking 18 months to complete the cycle.

The Essence:

Vedic Astrology - Jyotish scriptures recommend a prayer and Yantra (mystical diagram, see below) to this planet to free one from debts, poverty and illness afflicting the skin and more. Mangal or Mars bestows all types of assets - property and conveyance. Wearing or worshipping the Mangal Yantra is highly recommended in Jyotish scriptures.

Mangal Yantra

Sri Mangal Yantra

engraved on 22K Gold Plate

A Private Collection at

Actual picture of Yantra


Mangal Yantra Yantra also works remarkably in case of unexpected abortions, denial of children, one remains in debt and is not capable to repay in spite of honest intentions rather debt increases making the life hell, all these difficulties can be overcome by the wearing and worshipping of Mangal Yantra.

Scriptures also mention, that by wearing or worshipping the Mangal Yantra, one attains one ambitions, motivations and desires, one overcomes one's enemies. As Mangal or Mars rules physical strength, forcefulness, energy and passion. Wearing the Mangal Yantra, is said to remove obstacles, avert warfare, purify the blood and cure boils. It will make the wearer courageous yet prudent.

By wearing Mangal Yantra, one acquires, great energy and motivation, courage, charisma, leadership, physical strength, forcefulness, ambition, rapid advancement and success, acquiring properties, clearing up of debts, mechanical and technical jobs. Tuesdays are intended for the worship of Mangal who loves the chanting of the Sama Veda.

After 15 Years - Mangal / Mars is exalted in the month of March!

After fifteen years, Mangal or Mars will be exalted in the month of March (allocated again to planet Mars or Mangal as per Roman philosophy), Mangal or Mars was exalted last on March 17, 1992. And prior to that Mars was exalted on March 9, 1977! This is a unique phenomenon in it's own self! Once in 15 Years!

This year Mangal will be exalted 28 degrees in Capricorn on March 26, 2007 from 1531 hours and will end on March 27, 2007 at 2231 hours CST based in Irving, Texas, USA.

The Making of 1008 Sri Mangal Yantras

On the day of exaltation point of Mangal or Mars, Team of Astrologers, will be making 1008 of Sri Mangal Yantra for benefit of Humankind. Team of Astrologers explains the beginning and end of this exaltation point of Mangal or Mars.

The Beginning of Exaltation Point of Mangal

- The Auspiciousness Explained as per Jyotish - Vedic Astrology

Mars in the Sixth house is considered helpful; it has great destructive force which enables you to transcend all sorts of difficulties (it destroys the difficulties represented by the 6th house such as disease and debts). Even if you somehow, somewhere, get involved in criminal proceedings, you emerge unscathed; afflicted by physical sufferings, you may experience a sudden cure.

People in general may consider you tight-fisted, but you will not be encumbered by debts. Mars in the Sixth induces a great deal of physical activity; events may happen so fast and from such unexpected quarters that you may find yourself in a whirlwind, both physically and mentally.

In the process, you will develop fortitude, adaptability, and leadership. There is often a feeling of martyrdom; you may bleed physically and psychologically. Your life experiences may make you rigid and opinionated. You have powerful enemies; but they, being defeated by your strong arms, robust body and fiery looks, turn their backs on the battlefield.

You are brainy and prosperous, but this placement is not favorable for the maternal uncles. You will accumulate wealth. You have good imagination and are alert; friendly to noble people; sensuous. Sexy; handsome and with high ideals.

Leadership; protector of family members; understanding with relatives; victorious and generous. Religious minded and keeps company with saintly people. Your servants or employees may deceive you, as they misuse your generosity and liberality-leading to theft, quarrels, disputes and losses will be overcome. You win in each and every battle of life! You are active, energetic and enthusiastic; don't overdo yourself.

At this time Team of Astrologers will be begin the chanting of the Sama Vedas to commence the preparation of the 1008 Yantras.

The Making of 1008 Mangal Yantras

1008 Sri Mangal Yantras will be made within this Lagna and it's auspiciousness is explained below:

Mars in the Tenth house is considered extremely powerful. You become a leader who is both powerful and competent. When difficulties arise, leadership abilities actually sharpen. You make a considerable contribution in leading society towards an ideal goal.

Mars produces fiery enthusiasm in the Tenth house. Energizing the Astro-mental component of the human personality, it will make you an idealist who is ready to sacrifice your life for a cause. Such an individual can wage war ruthlessly if you considers it necessary; you can abandon your dearest kith and kin, provided you does so for a cause; and you can be a passionate lover when the fire is enkindled in your heart.

Mars in the 10th house, will make you courageous, devoted, respectful and ambitious. You may be a fine organizer, and a fiery speaker. In all social interactions you will play the role of leader, and you will be more interested in action than in debate or negotiation. You are impulsive; feelings and emotions over-rule the rational mind, dominated by the passionate or forceful side of nature.

Gain through ambition, independence, domination and aggressiveness. You are full of courage, energy, enterprise and forceful. Mars being in a masculine sign rising in the Lagna, will cause wind falls of prosperity.

Your jobs without much effort are spontaneously finalized. You has plenty of attendants. You attains lion-like success or an uncrowned king and popular leader of the populace under the benefic influence of this Mars.

Mars in the 10th house gets wealth from the royal court, relatives, agriculture and friends. Continued success. Valiant, self made, Auspicious celebrations are frequently held. Prosperous, contented, glorious, generous, philanthropic, enthusiastic, pleasure loving. This occasion is influential, renowned, makes one wealthy and gallant.

You show courage and a spirit of adventure; interest in heroic actions, high hopes, great efforts, good management, position, authority and success. Slow to learn but intuitive, interest in commerce and science. Gains through marriage. Wealthy, fortunate, endowed with happiness and pleasures, nice demeanor, famous, leadership abilities are good, has a good spouse, successful in combat or competition. One is independent, a protector, virtuous, interested in learning detailed procedures for carrying things out.

Capricorn in the Tenth house produces a powerful individual with a purpose in life. You will have a direction to follow. You dislike inefficiency; your life is matter-of-fact and you do not appreciate anyone whose outlook is circuitous or indirect. You are generally a god-fearing person, believing in an unseen hand guiding your life, though in actual practice you may not always be able to meet your own expectations.

Explanation of the other planets in this configuration

Sun: Blessed with spouse, sons and friends, victorious, renowned and rich. Gain from shipping over water, photography, pearls, legacy, partnership or marriage. You are friendly, a collector of things, fond of the opposite sex and happy, learned, overcome enemies and obstacles. Nice family of your own is indicated, eloquence in speaking.

Moon: In the Fourth house, Moon floods its natural characteristics; happiness is assured under its influence. You have an intuitive understanding of the finer forces of nature, you may become a student of sacred wisdom. You will be humble, popular, and accomplished in almost every way. In spite of your material abundance you remain unattached to your possessions, for your heart is concerned with deeper realities.

Mercury: Under the influence of Mercury you will be engaged in intellectual pursuits, working as a journalist, literary agent, or civil servant. A truly independent profession will be agreeable also. Overall you are rather intelligent and have an attraction to electronic gadgetry like computers and stereos etc. You tend to believe in higher spiritual forces and you are an independent thinker. You draw intelligence from the space where one knows that everything vanishes in time and that the greater, larger, picture is what is important.

Jupiter: In this position, Jupiter, operates like a filter which permits past religious impulses to manifest only in terms of traditional belief systems. Consequently you become learned, industrious, interested in the scriptural knowledge of your tradition and the higher values of life; you practice severe penance as well as arduous rituals. Strong-willed, ambitious and persevering, overbearing, enjoying status and reputation with government or a social organization. Gain through investment, partner, litigation and minerals.

Venus: Comely; lives with saints; enemy nihilist; performs noble religious rites; enjoys affluence and benefit from them. Efficient in amorous sport and satisfied. Long living and timid, alluring. You are wealthy, sexy, handsome, blessed with a noble, happy spouse and children, learned, impressive. This Venus wards off 300 evil Yogas (combinations) of other planets. Very talkative, skilled in handicrafts, gentle, polite, interest in poetics, devout; Artistic faculties fully developed. Love for art, music, drama, poetry, singing - all that is beautiful. Fair, generous and refined; admired by the opposite sex. Fruitful and fortunate.

Saturn: You become large-hearted, quiet, sober, lofty, patient, not avaricious, just, virtuous, hospitable, donor, generous but does not turn from benevolence. Acquisitiveness. Asceticism at the close of life and lack of interest in worldly affairs.  Follows a regulated, humble, religious life.

Rahu: Rahu in this position will take you to far away places where you will discover new facets of life, collect ancient and mysterious objects, and live under conditions which are hidden mysteries of life with respect to all faiths and practices. Your personal life will be devoted in ethical codes of conduct and deep religious meditations.

Ketu: makes you have such unusual urges that you become a very original but shocking thinker which may surprise others. You get land, wealth or business opportunities comig your way.

The End of Exaltation Point of Mangal


The Making of Sri Mangal Yantra and the Ingredients

Sri Mangal Yantra is made on Bhoj-patra (bark of a tree) or onion skin with very rare and auspicious inks dissolved in Ganges Water as the base, soaked in eight fragrances and gilded (covered with one 24K Gold Paper), put into a 925 Sterling Silver casing (metal weight 6 ~ 6.5 grams).  Dimension of 925 Sterling Silver casing: 2 cm x 1.3 cm x 7 mm without loop approximately. Loop Size: 6-8 mm, approximately. Casing is filled with molten beeswax to protect the filling of the Yantra and is waterproof.

Yantra Includes the offerings of Ashtagandha - A mixture of eight fragrances in powder form: Agar (Aloeswood), Tagar (Indian Valerian), Gorochan (A cow product), Kasturi (Musk), Chandan (Sandalwood), Lal Chandan (Red Sandalwood), Sindoor (Vermillion powder) and Kesar (Spanish Saffron). With Vibhuthi (sacred ashes) and eight Attar (Pure oils from source) of Musk, Jasmine, Nag Champa, Rose, Sandalwood, Magnolia, Patchouli and Basil (Tulsi Oil). 


Read more how a Vedic Yantra is made, click this link.


Sri Mangal Yantra will be infused with

very special Vedic Hymns from the Vedas!


Some of the Vedic Hymns are:

Ganapathi Mahamaandram, Ganapathi Shodasana Archanai, Brahmah Suktam, Vishnu Suktam, Rudra Suktam, Siva Panchaksharam, Durga Suktam, Sri Suktam, Purusha Suktam and Narayana Suktam and many many more... in the praise of Lord Mangal in the form of Mangal Yantra.


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Sri Mangal Yantra


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