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When will I find my true love? | When will I get married? | Can I trust my friend? | When will I get a good job? | Will my business make money? | Where would I settle down in life? | What should I do to heal the disease which I'm suffering from? | Which name would be luckier for me? | When will I buy my dream house? | Which stream of studies would suit me? | Will I have foreign travels in my life? | Will I face any legal problem from Government side?  |  What kind of partner will I get? | Will I marry the guy / girl Iím in love? | How long will our friendship last? | Will I be able to get a Government job? | When can I start a new business? | Will my family get combined? | When will I have a baby? | Will my health condition get better? | What does my next three months future hold for me? | When will I buy my dream car? | Can I continue my studies? |Will my foreign posting be smooth and successful? | Will I face a legal  problem abroad? | Is my lover loyal to me? | How would be my married life? | Can I continue with my current career? | Will I be able to achieve a good level in real estate business? | When will the problems in my family be ended? | Will I have another baby? | When will my childís health improve? | When will I get rich? | Will I get back my Property after legal proceedings? | Will I be able to pass my exams? | Will I face a jail term in the running litigation case? | Does my ex-lover  still love me? | Will I ever get married? | When will I get a promotion? | Which business would be best for me? | I am facing problems in conceiving What shall I do? | My spouse carries bad health. When will he/she improve? | When will my fortune change? | Will I be able to buy a commercial property? | What should I do to concentrate on my studies? | Will my travel abroad fetch me gains in business? | Will I win the  litigation case against my spouse? | Will I get married abroad? | Will my career be successful? | I am changing my business time and again. What shall I do to establish myself? | My child carries bad health. What shall I do?  | Which Lucky Stone should I wear? | Will I be able to sell my property and when? | Will I be able to pursue overseas studies? | Will I be able to settle abroad? | Will my property go to litigation? | I am facing many hurdles in getting married. What shall I do? | Will I be able to establish myself in Politics? | Will I be able to establish a big industry? | Will my child get a job abroad? | Will I ever earn a rental income through my property? | Is my  marriage love or arranged? | Which profession would be best for me? | Will I be able to do business linked to abroad? | Will my child settle abroad? | When will I get rid of repeated failures in life? | Will I be able a get a share in the parental property? | Will my love affair continue even after I get married? | Will I be able to make my career in Film Industry? | I am a Doctor. Will I be able to establish my own clinic? | I am trying to buy a property in  prime location. Will I succeed? | What would be my financial status after I get married? | I wish to become a successful Model. Will it be possible and when? | I am an engineer. Will I be able to establish my own consultancy firm ? | Will I be able to change my residence and when? | Will I get divorced | and if yes | when? | I am a struggler in film industry. When will I be able to establish myself? | Will I be successful in Jewellery business? | Will I be able to  buy a property abroad? | Is there any possibility of re-marriage in my life? | Will I be able to start my own restaurant?


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