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Muhurtha / Election Astrology

Item # VAS07

Order Completed via

Telephone / Skype Conversation

‘Muhurtha’ means a moment. We live our lives moment by the moment. When we receive good planetary energies, that moment is called ‘auspicious moment’ and if the planets deliver bad energies, then it is called ‘bad moment’. In Jyotish, we prepare the birth chart of an individual based on the moment of his/her birth. muhurta or electional astrology.


This birth chart indicates whether the individual becomes successful or not in his life depending upon the type of planetary energies at that moment. In the same way, when we start a new venture or business, we can construct a chart for that moment. This chart represents whether that new venture or business will be successful or not. This chart which is prepared to know the outcome of a venture or event is called ‘Muhurtha chart’.


Importance of Muhurtha

If the Muhurtha chart shows good planetary energies, then that venture becomes a successful one. So it is better to select an auspicious moment (good Muhurtha) for starting any venture so that the chances of success will increase. This applies to all important events in life. For example, if a person gets married in a good Muhurtha, then his married life will be good.

Some Astrologers are of the opinion that a beggar can become a king by starting his works in good Muhurtha. This is wrong. It happens only if the beggar has the planetary position to become a king in his birth chart. By following good Muhurtha, the beggar can become a king in less time and with less effort. This is how Muhurtha helps. Let us take another example. In a native’s birth chart, there is an indication that he will not get children. But if a good Muhurtha is set for his marriage and nuptials, then the chances of getting children will increase and he may be blessed with children. Setting good Muhurthas for all important events of life in such a way that the person will become highly successful in all areas is called ‘Electional Astrology’.


JyotishForLife.com: A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire, provide Muhurtha / Election Jyotish interpretation on the following issues. Though this list is not comprehensive, if you have specific questions, please let us know, we shall do our level best to respond accordingly.

1  Vedic Gem Prescription
2  Vedic Money Matters
3  Vedic House Building
4  Vedic Building Business Premises
5  Vedic Education - Career Path
6  Vedic Agriculture & Farming
7  Vedic Neutralization of Adverse Karma & Yogas
8  Vedic Pleasure Journey - When to travel?
9  Vedic Business Journey - When to travel?
10  Vedic Success in Lotto, Lottery - When ?
11  Vedic Horse racing - Stakes are High!
12  Vedic Profession - Discovering your Potential!
13  Vedic Namakaran - Choosing the right name.
14  Vedic Court Matters - When to file law-suits?
15  Vedic Court Matters - Will I win this court case?
16  Vedic Marriage - Determining the date?
17  Vedic Sex Life - How to perform better!
18  Vedic Longevity Calculation
19  Vedic Birth Chart Rectification
20  Vedic Garbhadhana Samskara (Child Conceiving)
21  Vedic Installing of a Deity at Home/Business
22  Vedic Telephone Consultation
23  Vedic Employee Compatibility
24  Vedic Guru Mantra Samskara
25  Vedic Panchang / Almanac
26  Vedic Vrat Viddhi (How to observe fasting)
27  Vedic Pacification of Kalsarpa Yoga (Very simple)
28  Vedic Pacification of Sade Sati (Very simple)
29  Vedic Pacification of Mangalik or Kuja Dosha
30  Vedic My Raja Yogas - Uniqueness of the Soul!
31  Vedic Love and Romance: When?
32  Vedic My Progeny aspects: When?
33  Vedic Pilgrimage - In search of the miraculous!
34  Vedic Assets and Liabilities.
35  Vedic Vastu Guidance
36  Vedic Karmic Remedy Yagna (once in a life time)
37  Vedic Muhurta - Election Astrology
38  Vedic Medical Astrology
39  Vedic Astro-cartography - Relocation Astrology

 Vedic Pre and Post Natal Astrology

Orders are completed via

Phone / Skype conversation.

Price: US$ 51.00 each


Pay using Credit Card or Pay Pal

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US$ 51.00


Best Value!



Refund of Shipping Charges: If you wish to order our Jyotish and Vastu reading as "Download Files" the  PayPal shopping cart system does not  allow to remove the shipping charges in some items and allow in some. However, we would suggest you to proceed and order, we will issue you full REFUND of shipping charges immediately after we have received your order. Please accept our sincere apologizes for any inconvenience, we trust you will give us the opportunity of serving you. Thank You.




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